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Kat's Pest Solutions
    Here at Kat’s Pest Solutions we are committed to excellence in service not just with in our craft but with in our community as well. That is why our mission is set as such:

“Our aim is to provide the community with an alternative approach to professional pest control service. We are here to not only get rid of the pests, but to make it as enjoyable of a process as possible. Our honest and hassle free approach is reminiscent of a mom & pop shop; this paired with the corporate knowledge and experience of the other guys; our work will leave you with feelings of joy and relief. Knowing that you're in good hands has never felt better.”

    Wise words from our founder and operator  Los Angeles native Katherine Herrera. After serving many years in the industry and occupying various positions among several high profile companies Kat found herself with a solid presence in Season 2 of the Discovery Channel premiered television series VERMINATORS. With the wealth of accomplishments and experience acquired through her career Kat felt it was time to take her bubbly personality, unyeilding eye for quality, and text book knowledge in a new direction. With a long standing social stigma looming over the industry, Kat decided it was time to introduce a little color to an otherwise bland experience. By way of her warm smile, colorful personality, and attention to detail Kat’s Pest Solutions has continued to effectively set the bar for high standards in pest control service. 

    Formally established in 2010 as a family operated business, Kat and family are readily available to assess any situation and develop a solution thats tailored to meet your specific needs. We continually offer competitive price breaks to help you reach a quick and affordable resolution to any and all rodent or pest problems regardless of your budget. With the number one goal of helping your family sleep better and/or your business reach its full potential you can rest assured that you are in great hands. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let us find a solution that's right for you!

“No Pest Too Big, No Job Too Small, We Do It All”