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Residential: Home and Apartment Services
Pest, Bird, and Rodent Control/ Bait Station installation
We offer solutions as well as peace of mind when it comes to any pest threat at home. Whether its elimination of a simple Ant trail, removal of a Bee hive, or control of a Bed Bug or Rodent infestation we've got you covered. Our highly trained staff is there to provide you with the expertise you command; while working hand in hand with home and property owners as well as property management firms we will find the solution you are looking for.
Kat's Pest Solutions: Services
Commercial: Restaurants, Schools, Office Buildings, Warehouses
​Exclusion, Pest Control Mainentance Service, Bait Station Maintenance, Sanitation Reporting
When it comes to business we know that quality is key and image is everything, heck look at us! Jokes aside We know that operating a business isn't all cupcakes and candy canes and that's why we take our job seriously. As your professional partner in the pest industry our only concern is assisting you in maintaining a safe and sanitary business, that's we are available day and night to accomidate your businesses specific needs.  whether you are operating a food handling establishment, warehouse, office building, hospital or school our staff will develop and execute a plan that is right for you. 
Additional Services
Dead Animal Removal
Dead smell in the wall? under the deck? In the attic?  No problem. We know the smell of decay is nothing short of unbearable, That's why our technicians are available for same day service. With a no hassle flat rate fee that smell that was quickly invading your area will be gone even quicker!

Live Animal Trapping
We are fully licensed and capable of handling most trapping needs; give us a call for a FREE QUOTE

Bee Removal
As a friend to the Honey Bee population we have partnered up with a local community of Bee keepers and are fully equipped and prepared to preform hive extraction and relocation if and when possible.
Deconatminations and Sanitation
Do you have a space that has been invaded and in desperate need of a deep clean?! Look no further, our staff is fully equpped with all the chemicals and gadgets necessary to fully restore your space including the use of HEPA filters and effective sanitation fogging methods.
Integrated Pest Management
We are fully licensed and capable of not only making sure those pesky pests stay out of your home and business but out of your yard, garden, or farm as well.  With the employment of an Integrated Pest Management approach the use chemicals and baits in our treatments are left for only the toughest of jobs and used as a last ditch effort in controlling a situation. Inspecting and locating the source of infestation is first on the list of procedures.