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Pest problems in your home or business are never a small matter and in fact, can interrupt the serenity and peace of mind we all strive so hard to achieve in our home and workspaces. Did you know because of rats' rapid gestation periods they reproduce exponentially; two rats can turn into 1,250 in just one year. That’s a lot, isn’t it! Female bedbugs lay 1 to 5 eggs every single day and will lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime each egg hatching in about two weeks.

Part of coexisting with nature is determining boundaries and controlling the parameters; at Kat’s Pest Solutions that is exactly what we do. We offer professional solutions to your pest problems; not only will we find a solution, but we will also provide you with long term support by way of our various programs including chemically driven periodic maintenance programs, chemical-free Integrated Pest Management options, our multiple year work Guarantees which assure you of the quality of our work and our dedication to satisfaction and quality. Give our family a call today and join our growing list of relieved and happy clients, which we now consider family. At Kat's, we treat you like family.