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Alhambra, CA Pest Control

Effective Pest & Rodent Control Solutions For Alhambra, CA

Alhambra is a city located in Los Angeles County that is home to diverse cultures and a mix of international restaurants, businesses, events, and markets. To ensure your Alhambra home or business remains free of pests and rodents throughout the entire year, the professionals here at Kat’s Pest Solutions are proud to provide excellent rodent and pest control solutions.

As a local, family-operated rodent and pest control company, we strive to provide a personable approach to pest control with effective results. No matter how big or small your pest problem is, you can count on Kat’s Pest Solutions to cover all of your pest and rodent control needs in Alhambra. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate.

Residential Pest & Rodent Control In Alhambra, CA

When pests enter your home, they threaten your health, your family, and your peace of mind. Thankfully, the skilled pest technicians from Kat’s Pest Solutions are here to help. With over a decade of experience eliminating and preventing pest and rodent problems in Alhambra and throughout Los Angeles County, we understand how to combat the unique pest pressures homeowners face in our area.

We rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to target the root of your pest or rodent problems and provide you with a long-term solution for pests in your Alhambra home. If pests or rodents are living in your Alhambra home, get in touch with Kat’s Pest Solutions today. We’re happy to find a solution that fits the specific needs of your home and family.

Commercial Pest & Rodent Control In Alhambra, CA

Invading pests and rodents are a serious issue for business owners throughout the United States, and Alhambra is no exception. Not only are they a threat to the productivity of your employees, but they can also spread harmful diseases to your customers and ruin your reputation. The most effective way to ensure your commercial facility remains pest-free is by working with the professionals here at Kat’s Pest Solutions to put into place an effective commercial pest control plan in Alhambra. We’ve made it our top priority to provide personalized services with an emphasis on attention to detail.

Whether you own an apartment complex, daycare, restaurant, or other business, you can trust Kat’s Pest Solutions to deliver fast, effective, and affordable services. Give us a call today to find out how we protect Alhambra businesses from pests!

Why Do Spiders Get Into Alhambra, CA Homes?

Spiders are creepy pests that have multiple eyes and eight legs. They typically try to avoid humans but will invade homes for a variety of reasons, such as unfavorable weather conditions or to look for a mate. The most common reason why spiders invade Alhambra homes is to follow their insect prey. Spiders are nomadic and sometimes dangerous pests that will live and build their webs wherever they can find an abundance of insects. They make their way indoors through gaps and crevices around your windows, doors, foundation, and exterior walls. Unfortunately, if spiders are getting into your home, it’s a sure sign that you have an existing insect infestation on your hands.

To remove spiders and other pests from your Alhambra property, contact Kat’s Pest Solutions today. Our pest control services are designed to control and eliminate all kinds of common pests, including spiders.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Alhambra, CA

Even if you’ve never personally dealt with bed bugs in your Alhambra home or business, you’ve probably heard about the problems these tiny pests cause. Bed bugs are small insects with flat, oval-shaped bodies resembling the shape and size of an apple seed. Unfortunately, a bed bug’s main source of food is blood, and more specifically, human blood. Although bed bugs will bite other animals on occasion, they prefer human blood over anything else.

One of the things that make bed bugs unique to other pests is the fact that they have no wings, they cannot jump, and they can’t travel very far by crawling. Instead, they get from one location to another by hitching rides on your clothing, bags, and belongings. You are most likely to pick up bed bugs while traveling through public places, such as libraries, movie theaters, schools, and airports. Once bed bugs get into your Alhambra property, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them without professional help.

Avoid bringing bed bugs into your home or business by implementing the following bed bug prevention tips:

  • Reduce the clutter in your property as much as possible to eliminate potential hiding spots for bed bugs.
  • Never place your bags and belongings on the floors of public spaces.
  • Keep your clothing stored in vacuum-sealed bags when you travel.
  • After traveling, wash all your clothing on the highest heat setting, which will eliminate any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you.
  • Thoroughly inspect used or secondhand furniture items for signs of bed bugs before purchasing.

At Kat’s Pest Solutions, we work hard to provide the communities of Southern California with personable, effective bed bug control services in Alhambra. We provide both conventional bed bug treatments and heat treatments, depending on your needs. If you’re tired of losing sleep due to a bed bug infestation, reach out to Kat’s Pest Solutions today.

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