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Are The Spiders In South Pasadena, CA Dangerous?

October 15, 2021 - Spiders

Spiders in our area and the country are not aggressive and won’t attack people unless threatened. And while all spiders have fangs and venom to subdue their prey, there are only two species in the United States that are dangerous to humans. These species are the black widow and brown recluse.

Even though these two species are dangerous to people, bites are rarely fatal as treatment is readily available at hospitals. Although this is the case, as a South Pasadena resident, you should still be able to identify black widows and brown recluse spiders and where you might find them on your property.

Black Widow Spiders

Black widows are dangerous spiders, and you might know them for their black bodies and red markings. But here are the facts you should know:

  • Only females are venomous to humans, and they have a distinct shiny black body with a red or orange hourglass marking on their underside.
  • Females are 1 ½ inches long while males are about half the size
  • Males are a light brown to grey color and have reddish spots on their backs
  • Their webs appear to have no discernible pattern and look chaotic and tangled, but they are actually well planned out to help them catch prey
  • They build their webs in secluded places, close to the ground
  • In and around homes, you might find them under rocks and woodpiles, in garages and attics, and inboxes, and other infrequently used items.

Although bites from back widows are rare, they can happen, and if it does, you should seek medical attention, even if you are not experiencing a reaction. 

Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse spider is one of the most commonly misidentified spiders, which is why it is important to understand what they look like and how to know if the spider you are dealing with isn’t a brown recluse. Features of this species include:

  • Light brown color, a dark violin shape on the cephalothorax, and a uniform-colored abdomen that ranges from cream to dark brown. If a spider has two colors on its abdomen, it’s not a brown recluse.
  • ½ of an inch in size. If the spider you see is bigger than ½ of an inch, it isn’t a brown recluse.
  • Six eyes with two pairs on either side and one pair in the middle. If a spider has eight eyes, it isn’t a brown recluse.
  • Legs with hairs and not spines that are a consistent light color. If a spider has spines on its legs or a banded color, it isn’t a brown recluse.
  • A small web built in a lightly-trafficked and secluded area. If a spider has built a web out in the open, it wasn’t made by a brown recluse.

Like the black widow, a bite from a brown recluse is rare. However, if you are bitten by one of these spiders, you should seek medical attention.

Kat’s Pest Solutions

If you have either one of the spiders listed above on your property, you should contact professionals to help take care of them. If you are in South Pasadena, California, you should contact Kat’s Pest Solutions for assistance. When it comes to spiders, part of keeping them away is deterring the prey's pests, which Kat’s Pest Control can help you do. Keep your family and pets safe with ongoing home pest control or commercial pest control services.

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