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Eliminating Black Widow Spiders Around South Pasadena Homes

April 15, 2022 - Spiders

Black widow spiders are scary spiders; if you've seen one in your yard, it can put you on edge. These spiders have a reputation that far exceeds the threat they represent. You may have heard that a bite from one of these spiders can cause death. This is true. But, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there hasn't been a death in the U.S. from a black widow since 1983. This isn't to say that black widow spiders are harmless spiders. A bite could have you taking a trip to the hospital. That can be a costly and miserable experience.

What can you do to eliminate black widows from your yard? Pest Control is the best solution, but you aren't without options if you want to address this problem on your own. Let's take a look at a few facts you need to know when attempting to get rid of black widows in South Pasadena, and then take a look at why professional pest control in South Pasadena is the best way to deal with all spiders and pests on your property. 

How To Identify Black Widow Spiders

It is important to know how to identify black widow spiders. If you saw a black spider, it might not have been a widow. Adult female widow spiders have a red hourglass mark on the bottom of the abdomen. Look for this mark to positively identify these spiders. You can also look for their webs. The webs of a widow spider are made of strong fibers. When you break a thread, it may make a plucking noise.

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Hide?

As you look for black widows or their webs, it is good to know where to look. Widows prefer to create their webs low to the ground, in shelter areas, or in voids. You're likely to find them in branch piles, wood scraps, construction materials, and other organic materials.

Why Black Widow Spiders Are In Your Home

Once you've determined that you have black widows on your property, the next step is to consider what attracts spiders, and why you might find black widow spiders in your house. 

  • What attracts spiders? Black widows are attracted to areas of vegetation and they feed on bugs and small animals. You can deter these spiders by reducing food sources. Insects can be reduced by managing trash, replacing white exterior lights with yellow lights, and keeping things clean. Invertebrates and be deterred by cleaning gutters to reduce moisture. Animals can be deterred by removing hiding places.
  • Black widows are outdoor spiders. They don't prefer to live indoors. They get in because they find an entry point. This might be a gap in an exterior door, a gap around utilities, or an opening in damaged wood. Seal entry points to keep widow spiders out.
  • As you work to remove hiding places, keep in mind that black widows use these as well. Keep all leaves, sticks, wood, and rock piles well away from your exterior.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders are definitely scary spiders, but they aren't the only spiders that can live in your yard or get into your home. When it comes to keeping all spiders away, it is best to hire a pest professional. While most are harmless spiders, it is unsettling to have them around. A professional can give you the best control of spiders in your yard and spiders in your house. Professionals are trained to seal entry points properly, apply pest control applications to reduce the pests spiders eat, and they use field-tested methods to make sure no spiders remain in your home. 

For assistance with spider control in South Pasadena, reach out to Kat's Pest Solutions. We can guide you toward the right home pest control solution to address your spider concerns. At Kat's Pest Solutions, we use the most advanced and trusted methods in the industry. We can get the results you're looking for. Learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in South Pasadena.

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