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Four Simple Tricks To Keep Bats & Other Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your South Pasadena, CA Property

September 15, 2021 - Wildlife

Everyone knows the standard pests that affect South Pasadena properties, but one that is often neglected until they become a problem is nuisance wildlife. This is a different form of pest, thanks to often being bigger and being protected by laws. As such, in most cases, a licensed pest professional from South Pasadena must handle their removal.

Wildlife Problems

Some common wildlife to invade the home includes:


This animal is a known digger, and they will often dig a large burrow near your house. Fortunately, they're not a direct threat to people. However, improper handling can lead to scratches and the potential for unwanted disease.


Boasting webbed wings; this flying mammal often gains access to homes through poorly built or maintained homes. This animal is protected by law, so the use of licensed professionals is required.


Raccoons are known to get into people's trash and chew through building materials after getting inside. They also present a health threat thanks to the number of diseases they carry, including rabies. Professional care is needed to remove this animal.


In most cases, snakes are simply following their prey, which is a rodent of some kind. You'll often find them in garages, basements, and other dark environments on the property.


This known pest is usually ignored since they usually den in trees or the ground. They become a problem in suburban areas since they also like to get in through the attic, chimney, or another high access point.

Determining The Threat Level

Every member of the nuisance wildlife classification boasts its own threat level, which is why it can be difficult to establish a blanket threat level. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, all of them are likely to be more scared of you than you would be of them. This can make some animals like bats, snakes, or raccoons act aggressively. When this happens, bites and scratches become a possibility.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every single one of them and other nuisance wildlife not mentioned will create property damage to some extent. Between their scurrying, crawling, gnawing, scratching, and other behaviors, you'll need to make some repairs after removing the animal.

Finally, the other common threat posed by nuisance wildlife is the threat to your health. If left unchecked, most of these animals can transmit serious diseases like rabies, tuberculosis, salmonella, and other serious health conditions. That's why it's important to leave wildlife removal in the hands of licensed, trained professionals.

Nuisance Wildlife Prevention

The best way to remain protected is to do things that prevent wildlife from getting inside to make your place their home. Stick to the following four tips to get an edge in protecting your home:

  • Existing damage: Repair and correct any damaged openings or access points. These compromised spots act as a beacon to the local wildlife. The better maintained your property, the less the local wildlife could get inside.
  • Check the roof: Inspect the roof regularly since this is the most common access point for most animals. Look for water damage, leaks, and general disrepair during your inspection.
  • Landscaping: Maintain your yard by mowing the grass, trimming tree limbs back, storing firewood 20 feet away, and anything else that will introduce a degree of control and neatness to your yard.
  • Watch the trash: Animals like raccoons or even squirrels will be attracted to your trash. If you keep the trash secured, you will enjoy having one less attraction factor to worry about when preventing nuisance wildlife from invading.

Controlling The Local Wildlife With Kat's Pest Solutions

Every situation regarding nuisance wildlife is unique. At Kat's Pest Solutions, we understand that, which is why we approach each situation on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best wildlife removal and exclusion results possible. We provide home pest control and commercial pest control solutions with our experienced team of pest control technicians. Call us today at Kat's Pest Solutions to learn more about common South Pasadena pests or our wildlife control offerings!

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