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How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your South Pasadena Home

January 14, 2022 - Mice

Property owners in South Pasadena agree that mice are some of the worst rodent species to crop up around the house. Despite their physical characteristics, the most significant difference between mice and rats is their dependent relationship with human beings. You may be a huge target for infestations if you own a home or business in our South Pasadena service area.

The Many Dangers Of The South Pasadena Mouse

Although mice are much smaller than their rodential cousins, they can inflict many types of damages. Mice can carry a host of diseases and parasites. Rodents serve as vectors carrying in bacteria. With their chewing habits, they are capable of causing property destruction in or around the house.

Due to their prolific natures, there’s no such thing as “just one little mouse” scurrying around your home or yard. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep these pests far away. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice In South Pasadena

According to professional mouse control experts, the best pest control for mice is through staunch prevention. Check out some of the best and most efficient ways to get rid of the problem without putting in much effort:

  • Mice are known for skulking through almost any opening, even those the size of a dime or smaller! Be sure to caulk and seal everything in the home properly and add an extra layer of protection for added security.
  • Chewing through wood, plastic, and even drywall, mice need be to be mitigated with metal or glass exclusion materials.  
  • Look for new ways of securing your food supply, including proper storage in pantries, refrigerators, and other areas. Do not allow fruits or vegetables to sit on the counters very long, and remove trash from your home as often as possible. 

Despite what many internet sources would have you believe, the biggest difference between mice and rats is the intensity of infestation. You will need professional pest control to truly remove a rooted infestation.

If you’re still concerned about the possibility of a mouse problem around your South Pasadena home, look no further than the agents at Kat’s Pest Solutions. We’re standing by to receive your call at a time convenient to you. Guaranteed! 

Kat’s Pest Solutions Makes Mouse Control Look Easy

For many years, the home and business owners of South Pasadena have determined that the best pest control for mice is found in Kat’s Pest Solutions. We’ve been serving our neighbors with 10 years of incredible mouse control and have even been featured on a national television show. Whether it’s prevention, treatment, or mitigation you need, Kat’s Pest Solutions is ready to help!

Let the professionals at Kat’s Pest Solutions make your home safe from common pests. Find the mouse control program that works best for you by calling our South Pasadena office immediately. Need more time? Get your questions answered by one of our professional service technicians by submitting an online contact form. We’re here to see you through to the end – no matter what it takes! 

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