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How To Protect Yourself From South Pasadena's Mosquitoes

May 14, 2021 - Mosquitoes

When the months turn warm, nature becomes so much more beautiful. Everything is green, flowers are blooming, and everyone is having picnics and cookouts. However, with the return of warmer weather comes the return of summer pests. One pest that is all too familiar for everyone is the mosquito. Mosquitoes are tiny, grey in color, and like to drink your blood. While technically, they don't bite since they lack teeth, the truth is everyone ends up with itchy welts at some point during the summer.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to being considered tasty to a mosquito. With that in mind, mosquitoes do seem to have a preferred type. People with Type O blood, are pregnant, or have been drinking, seem to be the most preferred targets for mosquitoes. Use this article to help you learn more about the different ways you can attract mosquitoes and how to prevent them. 

Mosquitoes Are Dangerous

It's not just that mosquitoes want your blood. It's also the fact they're potentially harmful. Mosquitoes have earned the title of one of the most dangerous animals in the entire world. The main reason for this is because they're considered vectors for several diseases.
These diseases can be very harmful and some are even able to kill people. The most common diseases associated with mosquitoes include West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and Dengue fever. For those who travel internationally, other diseases like malaria and yellow fever are of significant concern.
Despite the potential danger, not every bite results in disease. As long as you pay attention to symptoms and any new itchy welts, you'll be fine under prompt medical supervision.

Minimizing Attraction Points

Since no one is immune to mosquitoes wanting their blood, the trick is to minimize how attractive you are to this annoying pest. We've collected some helpful tips to get you started on remaining safe this summer:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes love standing water. They are drawn to this no matter if it's a simple puddle, functioning pool, or even a clogged gutter. If water exists, they'll stick around, which means they'll find you. Identify and correct these spots to remain protected.
  • Wear light colors: Mosquitoes are attracted to your darker colors. If you wear black or other dark colors, they'll find you more easily. The brighter your colors, the more you seemingly blend into the surrounding environment in their view.
  • Maintain landscaping: Next to water, mosquitoes love it when your property is untamed. Overgrown grass, trees close to the home, and untrimmed hedges are just a few examples of what creates a mosquito haven. Control your yard and you control the mosquito population.
  • Avoid certain times: Mosquitoes are especially active at certain points of the day. The best way to avoid them is to not be around when they are. Look to stay inside at dawn and dusk to remain as protected as possible.

Mosquito Control With Kat's Pest Solutions

Nothing is as effective as professional home pest control when it comes to keeping your property mosquito-free. While it might seem like overkill, the potential dangers they cause make it necessary to take the fight against mosquitoes as quick as you can.

Our team at Kat’s Pest Solutions has over a decade of experience in eliminating and preventing pest infestations of all kinds, including mosquito infestations. We work with you to ensure the existing problem is fully controlled while laying the groundwork to prevent future problems.

Do you need mosquito control services? Then give our team at Kat's Pest Solutions a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options in South Pasadena or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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