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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your South Pasadena Home

February 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Nobody wants bed bugs in their South Pasadena home. The thought alone can ruin any chance for a good night's sleep. These stealthy parasites can be difficult to catch, let alone eliminate if a population has grown into an infestation. This means it's all the more important to educate yourself on these insidious pests. Here we'll outline detecting the signs of bed bugs and the key to successful bed bug treatment and future prevention.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In South Pasadena Homes

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to find. These tiny, oval-shaped parasites are flat enough to fit into almost any space. Often, people don't realize they have a bed bug infestation until it has grown too large to stay hidden any longer. Their stealthiness means that you may have to rely on less direct signs of their presence in order to identify them in your home. Search in any hard-to-reach areas of the home, such as between the fabric seams of mattresses and furniture, inside disused electrical outlets, under wallpaper, and the seams where the carpet meets the walls. If you can slip a credit card into a space, that space could easily contain a group of bed bugs. Look out for any one of these warning signs:

  • Lines of itchy red welts along your arms and legs that weren't there when you went to sleep
  • Rusty red stains on your mattress or sheets
  • Granular white specks, their eggs, around your home
  • Dark red excrement spots around your home
  • Molted insect shells around your home
  • A foul, musty odor emanating from some unknown location

How Bed Bugs Get Into South Pasadena Homes

Bed bugs get around by hitchhiking, basically. Using their tiny size and prolific life cycle to their advantage, they spread from various commercial spaces by stowing away in people's luggage. Another common way they get around is by hiding in used mattresses, furniture or clothing. If you travel frequently, or if you've purchased second-hand items, it may be time to start searching for bed bugs. If you catch a burgeoning population early enough, you can nip it in the bud before it becomes a real problem.

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In South Pasadena

The key to any pest control is prevention, but oftentimes that isn't an option. If you need to eliminate a stubborn bed bug infestation in your home, there are still a few helpful steps you can follow. Some steps you can take:

  • Thoroughly clean any potential hotspots, such as mattresses, furniture, and luggage.
  • Vacuum often to eliminate any eggs hiding in the carpet.
  • Replace peeling wallpaper and seal any cracks or crevices.
  • Partner with a knowledgeable professional to ensure comprehensive and effective treatment.

The South Pasadena pest control experts at Kat's Pest Solutions can provide complete protection against bed bugs. We'll inspect every inch of the premises and eliminate all potential hiding spots, working with you to ensure you're aware of any problematic practices or parts of the property. Once we've identified the issue, we'll help you decide what type of treatment would work best within your budget and schedule, addressing every room in the house in a thorough and timely manner. Once the job's done, you can continue to count on Kat's Pest Solutions for any follow-up appointments that may be required.

How To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Once we've reclaimed your house, it's important to know how to keep it! To protect yourself against future infestations, follow these simple steps:

  • Clean luggage and laundry thoroughly after returning home. Don't set your luggage down on any mattresses or furniture when you're out, or when you return.
  • Use zipper sealed plastic bags at public laundry facilities to ensure no hitch-hikers get in.
  • Partner with Kat's Pest Solutions for ongoing guidance and regular treatment.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, call Kat's Pest Solutions at the first signs of trouble. We'll help keep your South Pasadena home pest-free so you can rest easy again.

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