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The Trick To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your South Pasadena Home

November 12, 2020 - Rodents

From nearby Venice Beach to the amazing views of the Switzer Falls and Hermit Falls hiking areas to the excitement of Hollywood and the perpetually mild weather, it’s hard to argue we don’t have it made here in Pasadena. We have access to some of the most exhilarating nightlife and pristine wilderness in the entire country, and everything in between! Unfortunately, people aren’t the only ones who have it made here in Pasadena; the rodents do too.

Rats and mice get to enjoy the excellent climate, seek shade from the California sun under our verandas, and experience all the fine dining and wellness food Pasadena has to offer – courtesy of our garbage. Luckily, here at Kat’s Pest Solutions, we’ve got the South Pasadena pest control methods and the know-how to send the dirty, little moochers packing.

Common Home Invaders In Pasadena

Rats and mice are the most common rodent pests we have here in Pasadena. Both vermin are attracted to the same things: water, food, climate-controlled shelter, and safety from predators. However, it’s unlikely you’ll have both pests infesting your house at the same time. It’s almost always one or the other because rats and mice have somewhat different needs.
Rats and mice typically don’t seek the same type of food. While rats root through your garbage, mice seek grains and seeds. This means if you keep a tight lid on your garbage, you’re more likely to see mice scurrying through the rice bin in your pantry, but if there’s accessible trash, the bigger, more aggressive rats will almost always drive the mice away.
Another reason you might be seeing mice instead of rats is that you’re keeping your house clutter-free, which leaves fewer hiding spots for larger rats. Again, if your home is a hostile environment to rats, mice will move in, but if your home is inviting to rats, they’ll make it a hostile place for mice.
However, both rodents access your home in basically the same way for the same reasons. All homes have holes for light, ventilation, condensation removal, etc. Rodents can enter your home through these necessary openings as well as damage such as holes in the floor and walls, broken window screens, or doors that don’t fit properly in their frames.
Once they’ve entered your home, both rats and mice can cause a host of problems. These animals spread filth and disease through their hair, feces, and trash/dirt-covered feet. They contaminate food and living spaces. They also destroy property with their constant gnawing – wreaking havoc on everything from plumbing pipes to wooden moldings to electrical wiring and furniture.

Vacate The Vermin

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to send these disgusting pests packing:

  • Store food properly, ensuring things like chips, rice, candy bars, cookies, crackers, nuts, seeds, pet foods, and any nonperishables that aren’t kept in the fridge are tightly covered and off the floor.
  • Keep garbage, especially organic trash or compost, tightly covered to avoid attracting rats with the smell of decomposing food.
  • Repair damage and cover all holes – including ventilation and condensation openings – with metal screens that can’t be torn or chewed through. Mice are flexible, and they can squish their bodies to slip through holes much smaller than themselves. So don’t go thinking you’re safe just because an opening is tiny.

Unfortunately, rats and mice are intelligent, resourceful, and stubborn. Even the most stringent preventative measures can often fail. When that happens, you’ll need a group of professionals to help you deal with the infestation. Here at Kat’s Pest Solutions, we’ve continuously provided Southern California with the highest quality service and most comprehensive rodent control solutions in South Pasadena.

Not only can we help you deal with an ongoing infestation, but we also offer integrated pest management services like decontamination and sanitation, dead animal removal, and pest-proofing that can give you the peace of mind that your problem won’t come back again.

If you’re ready to give the rats and mice on your property the boot, call us at (877) 528-5287 or (323) 404-7029 or visit our contact page to schedule your consultation today.

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