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Why Mosquito Control Is Essential For Pasadena Yards

May 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

You know that mosquitoes are irritating and that they can leave itchy welts on your skin. This may be all the information you need to take the next step and get mosquito control for your property, but if you're wondering how pest control in Pasadena addresses the problem of mosquitoes or what impact professional mosquito control can have on these pests in your yard, you're going to need more information. Let's take a look at why mosquito control is essential for Pasadena yards and look at the best way to get rid of mosquitoes.  

Mosquitoes Can Be Dangerous

The most important reason Pasadena residents turn to professionals for mosquito control is that these insects spread diseases that impact human health. Some of the diseases you can get from mosquitoes are dangerous. Fortunately, severe and fatal mosquito-borne disease in the United States is rare. But this is a threat that you naturally address when you invest in mosquito control to get rid of mosquitoes.

Another point to consider about diseases you can get from mosquitoes is that you're not the only one who can get these diseases. Do you know that mosquitoes can make your dog or your cat sick? A common mosquito-borne disease that impacts dogs and cats is heartworm. You should definitely look at information on this disease so that you can better protect your pets.

Mosquito Control Can Help Reduce Pests

It is likely that you're aware that spraying for mosquitoes in your yard is one of the primary ways professionals address mosquitoes, but do you know that these routine misting applications also help to control ticks, fleas, and other simple organisms. When you invest in mosquito control, you can get some coverage for other pests that can impact your health and the health of your dog(s) or cat(s).  Even more than this, most Pasadena residents don't just get mosquito control, they invest in a pest control plan that includes mosquito treatments. This gives them coverage for all the common pests we have in our area. Spraying for mosquitoes in your yard is only one of many ways a professional can reduce pest activity and keep pests out of your home.

The Start Of Mosquito Season In Pasadena

Mosquito season in our area begins as early as may. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how professional mosquito control works to control mosquitoes in Pasadena. Here are a few fun facts about mosquitoes and mosquito control:

  • Do you know that mosquitoes don't travel far? They usually hang out in the general vicinity where they hatched. This means that the mosquitoes in your yard are mostly mosquitoes that hatched in your yard. Professional mosquito control addresses breeding sites and prevents mosquitoes from reproducing in your yard.
  • Do you know that mosquitoes are terrible fliers? This might not seem important, but it is. Mosquitoes spend most of their time resting. When mosquitoes make the journey into your yard, they are likely to rest before they start breeding and laying eggs. When they rest, the misting application applied by a professional destroys those mosquitoes. Bye bye mosquitoes. No mosquitoes means no mosquitoes breeding in your yard. Professional control doesn't just address the problem after it has started, it works to address the problem before it starts. This is the best way to deal with mosquitoes in Pasadena. 

Benefits Of Ongoing Mosquito Control

When you have ongoing mosquito control, you don't have to think about what you need to do to stop mosquitoes from breeding on your property. You can just go outside and enjoy a yard that has no mosquitoes, or at the very least, so few mosquitoes that you rarely notice them. It is amazing how much of an impact a high quality mosquito control program can have on mosquitoes.

Another important benefit of mosquito control is that it is going to be done right. There are many ways Pasadena residents try to keep mosquitoes away. A common mosquito prevention solution is to use candles, torches, essential oils, plants, or something else that mosquitoes may not like to smell. We're often asked how to keep mosquitoes away. Do you know that the secret isn't to keep mosquitoes away but to let them come right on in? Mosquitoes are persistent. You're not going to keep them away with something that smells bad to them. Female mosquitoes need a blood meal in order to reproduce. This is super important, and they'll put up with something that stinks to get that blood meal. It is best to let them come in and then eliminate them when they rest in your yard. We can help you with this. Reach out to Kat's Pest Solutions for effective mosquito control or year-round pest control that includes coverage for mosquitoes. Life is a whole lot better without mosquitoes around. Connect with us today.

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