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Effective Pest & Rodent Control Solutions For Monrovia, CA

A popular filming location for Hollywood directors and movie enthusiasts, Monrovia is a hallmark of Southern California living. Home to nearly 50,000 people from all walks of life, the town is continuously growing, changing, and improving. One thing that keeps Monrovia residents from enjoying their life to the fullest is the presence of dangerous pests. Without a detail-oriented plan in place, home and business owners could be putting themselves in the path of danger.

Covering the people of Monrovia for more than a decade, Kat’s Pest Solutions has everything you need to create lasting, results-driven pest control. Call, click, or request an estimate to build a customized plan today.

Residential Pest & Rodent Control In Monrovia, CA

Your home deserves the highest amount of care and protection possible, both for your family, your pets, and all those that visit your property. Pest activity makes it extremely difficult to live your life to the fullest, and may significantly impact your health, wealth, and overall peace of mind.

Sleep better at night with the help of Kat’s Pest Solutions, equipped with almost a decade's worth of experience in the residential pest control industry. Submit an online contact form to learn more about how we could best serve you.

Commercial Pest & Rodent Control In Monrovia, CA

Even the smallest of pests can cause dramatic issues around your Monrovia, CA business. Rats and mice can sneak into kitchens and pantries unannounced, contaminating food sources inside of their containers. Roaches and other disease-carrying insects spread pathogens on surfaces and equipment. Worse, pests can cause legal issues or lawsuits, which could close your business permanently. Not just anyone could take on your commercial pest control needs in Monrovia. You'll need an agency that consistently showcases high-quality, detail-oriented, and cost-effective programs for a wide variety of industries.

The team at Kat’s Pest Solutions is Monrovia’s first and best choice for business pest control, serving commercial properties for over 10 years. We have what it takes to deliver results that meet your expectations: 

  • Initial inspections that survey your entire property for signs of pest activity. Anything out of the ordinary will be notated on our inspection report.
  • Develop a systematic pest control plan hand-in-hand with management at your company. We identify weaknesses, initiate new programs, and provide products that create results.
  • Continuously visit your property to ensure that pest concerns have been completely exterminated.

Call Kat’s Pest Solutions to reserve your slot on our professional pest control roster.

Mosquitoes & The Dangers They Bring To Monrovia Yards

There are three primary types of blood-feeding insects found around Monrovia backyards: fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. While fleas and ticks are well known for their ability to spread disease, most homeowners are not aware of just how dangerous mosquitoes can be. Several dozen species could be present around your yard, each with slightly different characteristics.

However, the best way to identify a mosquito is by its six legs, long proboscis, and itchy bites left behind. While getting a mosquito bite is often commonplace, the diseases they can transmit certainly are not. Some of the most dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses include: 

  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Parasite Eggs
  • Malaria

There is no doubt that mosquitoes endanger you, your loved ones, and any frequent visitors to your property. Do it yourself  (DIY) prevention steps must be established to prevent frequent breeding behaviors. Yet, if your yard is currently experiencing an unusually high volume of mosquito activity, professional pest control will be required. Schedule a mosquito abatement service with Kat’s Pest Solutions now. 

Five Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Monrovia Homeowners

Bed bugs were almost entirely exterminated in Southern California, even just a few short decades ago. With the restriction of certain dangerous chemicals and toxins in recent years, these insects have been able to return in full force and increasingly high numbers. Best identified by their flat, oval-shaped bodies and rusty brown exoskeletons, these 1/4 inch insects could be coming to a Monrovia home near you.

If you are willing to establish effective bed bug prevention steps today, you may be able to prevent dangerous infestations tomorrow. Here are some tips and tricks you can try now to keep your Monrovia property bed bug free:

  • Wash all clothing items on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip. This applies to all clothing, not just dirty ones.
  • Keep a close eye on bed bug symptoms in the house. Look for spotting, excrement marks, or exoskeleton piles.
  • Be cautious when purchasing secondhand appliances or furniture.
  • Do not stay in a hotel room if any signs of bed bug presence are nearby.
  • Use a flashlight to visually inspect the bed, bedding, mattress, and box spring.

Learn more about professional bed bug control in Monrovia with Kat’s Pest Solutions by calling our office now

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