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Rodent Control In South Pasadena, CA

Don’t Let Rodents Destroy Your South Pasadena, CA Home

Despite their cute, furry faces and relatively small size, rodents are not pests you want in your South Pasadena house. If they would mind their manners, rodents might not be a problem, but unfortunately, they make terrible house guests.

They leave urine and feces all over your house, which is not only gross but also leaves you and your family at risk of contracting dangerous illnesses. They damage your belongings and your home with their constant need to chew, leading to structural issues, fire hazards, and other problems. They also live in colonies, so if you see a mouse dash across your kitchen floor, you can feel fairly confident in your assessment that there are plenty of other mice hidden somewhere else in your home.

Once rats or mice get into your house, they won’t want to leave, given the steady food supply and comfortable accommodations. They’ll also continue to reproduce, so the problem will only grow larger over time. A rodent infestation must be taken care of quickly and thoroughly to minimize health risks and damage. Kat’s Pest Solutions provides excellent pest control solutions in South Pasadena to put an end to infestations in your home.

South Pasadena's Most Common Rodents

House Mice

Of the commensal rodents, house mice are the most commonly encountered across the United States. House mice are quite small rodents, measuring at around 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches in length. They have round bodies and range in color from light brown to a dark gray color; however, they are typically a dusty gray color with a light cream-colored underbelly. House mice have large eyes, pointed snouts, large ears, and long, hairy tails.

Norway Rats

Another common rodent offender found in Southern California, Norway rats are a larger species of rodent, growing to between 7 and 9 1/2 inches long. These rats have long, heavy bodies and bristly brown fur speckled with black hairs; their underbellies range in color from gray to off-white. Norway rats have blunt muzzles, small eyes and ears, and long, hairless tails. Norway rats are known to cause damage to properties and structures.

Roof Rats

The roof rat is the smaller of the two commensal rat species, measuring at only 6-8 inches long. They have a similar appearance to Norway rats with brown and black speckled coats and gray or white undersides. Roof rats have long, scaly tails, pointed noses, large ears, and large eyes. Unlike Norway rats, roof rats are extremely agile and often enter structures by scaling the building and entering through the roof, hence their name.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

Free Inspection

If you’ve heard rodents in your walls, we want to listen in the same areas. If you’ve seen rodent droppings in your cupboards, we want to look in those cupboards. Our inspections always begin where you tell us you’ve noticed activity. As the one living in the house, you have the most insight into what’s going on, and we value your experience in aiding our efforts to eliminate your infestation.

Once we’ve inspected the areas where you’ve noticed activity, we’ll examine the rest of the structure, looking for harborage areas and areas of entry. We’ll then explain what we’ve found and what we need to do to get rid of the rodents and stop future infestations. Finally, we’ll provide you with a proposal for our services.


If you move forward with our treatment, the first order of business is getting rid of your current infestation. We’ll set snap traps in strategic locations based on the activity we documented during our inspection.

Removal & Sanitation

While some homeowners stop after we eliminate the infestation, there is more to do to ensure your home is secure in most cases. Our removal and sanitation services get rid of any rodents that have died inside your home, as well as sanitize these areas and the areas where they spent the majority of their time in your house.

Since rodents leave a big mess behind, including urine and feces, these areas must be carefully cleaned to protect your family’s health. Wearing the proper personal protective equipment, we will:

  • Vacuum
  • Decontaminate with an antibacterial decontaminant
  • Wipe down cables and wires with a decontaminant
  • Remove damaged insulation
  • Replace damaged insulation with new insulation

Exclusion Work

In addition to eliminating your rodent infestation and cleaning the areas where they spent their time, we also offer exclusion services. In order to prevent another rodent infestation, the entry points around the exterior of your house must be sealed so that they are unable to enter your home. We’ll seal the entry points on your house at all levels (ground floor to roof) to prevent new infestations. All of our exclusion work includes a five-year warranty.

Complete Rodent Proofing Evaluation

Call us for a complete evaluation and assessment of your place and infestation. One of our inspectors will be right over to assess the level of infestation and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the complete elimination of the rodents and pests. We will discuss your situation and then we start with inspecting the exterior and pinpointing the areas they can enter through such as pipe holes, vents, sub doors, etc. 

The inspector will first identify which species of rodent has invaded your property. This is very important before beginning any control program. Identifying the type of rodent will aid in the inspection process. We generally deal with either Norway rats or roof rats and since they are creatures of habit, it will make the inspector’s job that much easier to locate all access points on the structure. As the inspector surveys the exterior of the structure, a diagram of the building will be drawn which identifies access points and/or areas in need of repairs and/or replacement to assure they are sealed out of the structure.

The inspector will then discuss the project with you, going over what needs to be repaired and how we will make the repairs, and provide a written estimate of your project.

After the quote is approved, our representative will arrive with the inspector’s diagram and be equipped with all the necessary materials to professionally seal all access points. They will concentrate on the aesthetics and durability of their work. Kat's Pest Solutions will guarantee our work for a period of 1 year. We do carry an extended warranty that can be discussed.

We will set the traps either in the attic, sub-area/basement, or inside, depending on the situation and what you are comfortable with. We return to check the traps, clean them out, and reset them. This process takes about 30 days with scheduled appointments. We generally catch what may be trapped inside.

Our representatives go through a complete rat-proofing training that takes months to perfect. They are then required to take and pass a state-required exam plus get fingerprinted through the Department of Justice. We are referred by other pest control companies to assist them in resolving rat problems they are having with one of their own client’s property. Kat's Pest Solutions is up for the challenge and we are on the job until the problem has been solved.

Organic Rodent Repellent

Kat's Pest Solutions has a process in controlling rodent infestations around the outside of your home or business. We use an organic rodent repellent made from various plant oils that help repel them from your property's shrubs, gardens, and landscaped areas plus the fence line and base of your structure. These essential oils work by irritating their sense of smell with its sweet pungent odor that is safe around humans and pets. We humans smell the citronella and peppermint and it will last about 30 days before we need to re-treat for maximum results. The organic rodent repellent will not kill the rats or mice it will cause them to not want to be anywhere near your property. We have also had customers tell us their population of certain biting insects has also been affected in a positive way.

Los Angeles County, CA Rodent Removal Made Easy!

If you’ve seen rodent activity in your house, don’t delay! Contact Kat’s Pest Solutions today. We’ll design a home pest control plan to meet your needs. Our attention to detail and thorough solutions will rid your home of rodents in no time. Learn more about our residential and commercial pest control solutions.

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