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San Marino, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In San Marino, CA

A small residential neighborhood in Pasadena, situated in Los Angeles County, San Marino is a charming and affluent part of the Los Angeles metro area. But even lovely homes can become nesting grounds for pests, which invade in search of food and shelter. Thanks to our sunny weather, pest populations can be active all year long, which is why it pays to know how you can protect your San Marino property from infestations. With help from Kat’s Pest Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about a pest problem turning into a nightmare.

Residential Pest Control In San Marino

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your lifetime, which is why protecting it from pest damage is a big part of maintaining your home’s value. Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t think about pests until they spot their signs. But outward evidence of pest activity likely means they’ve been there for a while already, causing property damage and exposing you to unhealthy circumstances. Turn to professionals instead, so you’re always staying a step ahead of a potential invasion. Here’s how Kat’s Pest Solutions can help you with residential pest control

  • Detailed Inspections: We start with a thorough check of your home to tell where pests might be coming from and what factors might be attracting them. 
  • Thorough Treatments: We work on safe and effective treatments that drive out existing populations and protect your property from future infestations. 
  • Recurring Follow-ups: Our follow-up services are designed to address seasonal pest problems and ensure that our initial treatments have been effective. 

For proper home pest protection, turn to Kat’s Pest Solutions today. 

Commercial Pest Control In San Marino

All the property damage and health effects pests lead to can be even more severe for businesses. The hit to your profits and your reputation can be more significant than the infestation itself, so you should take a preventative approach rather than a reactive one. Instead of waiting for pests to threaten your San Marino business, protect your property from them entirely by turning to the commercial pest control services at Kat’s Pest Solutions. Whether you own these or other kinds of businesses, we’re here to help: 

  • Office Buildings: Office complexes have lots of spaces where pests can hide. And all the meals eaten by employees and trash caused by daily human activity lead to the same kinds of attractants that draw pests to homes and restaurants. 
  • Industrial Buildings: Wide open storage spaces and cluttered factory floors are also attractive places for pests looking for a place to nest, so even industrial properties need to care about pest prevention. 
  • Daycares & Schools: Places where children congregate need to be free from unhealthy factors, so keeping pests out is a significant part of the goal of schools and daycares. 

Keep pests out of your San Marino commercial property by partnering with Kat’s Pest Solutions today. 

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your San Marino Home

Bed bugs are the easiest pests to get but the hardest to spot or eliminate. They are tiny, almost microscopic bugs that hibernate during the day when we’re active and then emerge at night to feed on us while we sleep. And bed bugs can be tracked into homes without people even realizing it, picking them up from some business or public space and then carrying them back to your property while they cling to your clothing or skin. This is why every San Marino homeowner needs to learn how to spot the signs of bed bugs and not let misconceptions about these pests steer you wrong. Here are tips directly from the experts: 

  • Not Just Beds: While their name is misleading, bed bugs are found in more than just mattresses and bed linens. They can be found in a lot of different clothes, furniture, and containers, so long as they are close to where we rest 
  • Not Just Bugs: You also need not just look for bugs themselves. Instead, keep an eye out for their rice-like eggs or peppery skin sheds. 
  • Professional Inspections: Bed bugs are tough to spot, so the best course of action is to let the professionals check your home for signs. 

At Kat’s Pest Solutions, we provide bed bug control that quickly eliminates an infestation and spots it before you can suffer the itchy consequences. Contact us immediately if you suspect bed bugs in your San Marino home. 

How To Tell If Your San Marino Home Has A Roach Problem

Pest problems tend to be subtle or seemingly absent – until they aren’t. Pests like cockroaches can hide within your walls or storage spaces for weeks before you spot the telltale signs of an infestation. This is why it’s better to focus on pest prevention than reacting to pests once they’re already there. That said, contact professionals immediately if you notice these signs: 

  • Odors: Cockroaches lead to a gross, musty odor that permeates a structure. If you find your home suddenly smells and can’t locate the source, you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation. 
  • Stains: Cockroaches leave droppings that can stain surfaces; they also have oily bodies that lead to brownish red streaks. 
  • Skins & Eggs: A sure sign of a cockroach population growing is finding their skin sheds or eggs around. 

Let Kat’s Pest Solutions protect you from cockroaches before these signs become noticeable. Contact us today to get started on cockroach control

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